chronikle: (ooo ☆ yes i know what is going on)
Kat ([personal profile] chronikle) wrote2015-06-15 11:12 pm

026. shame shame go away

I'm home for the summer. I moved back on Saturday! It was a bit of a weird experience, packing up my entire room and moving it back home. I've said before that university seemed to go very slowly for the first term and then went quite fast for the rest, but it truly felt like I'd only moved in five minutes ago when we were packing up.

I've got three mysterious bruises on my left knee, which I can only assume is from walking into something while I was packing up and then forgetting all about the incident.

I watched season three of Orange is the New Black on Thursday/Friday/Saturday! I liked the series quite a bit, much better than I liked season two, but it did feel a little bit meandering at times. It was a welcome relief to what felt like a much darker season two, although season three took a turn for the worse by around episode 10. We'll see where it goes, I guess. I might write a bigger post on it, but I'll do that later.

Been rereading Game of Thrones as well! I stopped watching the show after season two and the more I've heard and seen of it, the less I've been inclined to keep watching, but I've picked up the book again and I forgot how engrossing it is? It's well-written in so far that it does a pretty good job of keeping you interested, but that's a subjective opinion. I find it very engrossing to read, aha.

Speaking of writing, I wrote something myself! It's over here at [community profile] arlandria if you want to read it.

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