chronikle: (the flash ☆ um i don't think so)
Kat ([personal profile] chronikle) wrote2015-07-06 08:20 pm

032. i'm too tired to think of anything good.

Couldn't sleep last night so I gave in and got up at 5am. As a result, I've had one of the most productive days I've had in a long time! I tidied my room (which was largely unpacking what was left of my bags from university and reorganizing my wardrobe) before my parents had even woken up... and then I've spent the rest of the day doing stuff like practicing my art and making some icons.

While I couldn't sleep, I checked out a couple of the new anime releases! Alongside Gatchman Crowds: Insight, I've picked up Gangsta. (which I've read before, otherwise I don't think I would have even bothered to look at the anime) and Rokka no Yuusha, which seems interesting.

I watched an arc of Kabuto as well, and it was the "shit just got real" episodes (i.e., episodes 31/32, in true rider tradition). Next episode has Renge and the first Hopper, so... I am excited to see how much weirder this already weird show can get.

YouTube keeps recommending me 1950s sci-fi B movies and similar movies. I saw one yesterday called The Killer Shrews, which might be my new favourite thing.

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