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055. recommendations and wishes

Check out [community profile] byaro's guide to Making the Best of Dreamwidth.

On that note, what are some communities that you wish Dreamwidth had? They can be communities that exist and need a jolt of life, or they can be communities that need someone to create them.

I wish there was a community served entirely to posting memes/surveys (seeing as memes seems to be an almost exclusively RP term here), something like [community profile] thefridayfive, but more varied than five questions on a Friday. Little games or surveys that circulate through blogs--I have absolutely no idea how to find them on Dreamwidth and it's one of the things I miss from Livejournal.

Actually, having done a little search, I can see that there are... but most of them are dead! :(

Also, rec me whatever you've really enjoyed recently! I don't care what it is--it could be fanfiction for a fandom I'm not even, it could be a film recommendation, it could be a meme--I just want to hear about what you've been into! (If it's something like a TV show or a book, I can't promise that I'll be able to actually consume it any time soon, but I'll definitely check it out!)
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I wish there were more Dreamwidth communities related to books, particularly older books. These could be devoted to discussion, fic and other fanworks, or some combination of the two, but I'd love places to be fannish about books, outside of my own blog or people's Reading Wednesday posts.

I also miss longform blogging about fannish history, meta and so on, but I never really found a home in older, meta-focused Dreamwidth comms.
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I get most of my book recs from Twitter, because I follow a lot of authors and pro-SFF people there, so I see what's being discussed and decide whether the book(s) in question are something I might like. But, as you say, this works better with newer and/or award-nominated books — older stuff is almost absent from the conversation entirely.

I've been wanting a comm like this for years, though, and really should just create one myself.

I feel like I haven't seen it for a few years because it got turned into #long winded tag spams on tumblr #for gifs of two dudes making eye contact for three seconds #and how that was clearly a deeply thought out acting decision #which shows how much these characters really feel about one another and therefore they are gay and canon.

You are so right that this is what meta's been reduced to, and it's infuriating. There used to be a couple of meta roundup comms here on Dreamwidth, but the mods kept getting overwhelmed (especially because they tried to include Tumblr as well instead of limiting to Dreamwidth, which I think would've made their workload more manageable) and in the end the comms closed. They also had a tendency to enforce strong party lines with regards to the subjects of the meta they included (there was a period where they constantly boosted the reaction posts of someone reviewing Teen Wolf, who hated Scott, adored Stiles, and interpreted every episode as if Scott was abusive, for example. None of this would've been bad, except that this reviewer was the only Teen Wolf blogger they included), which I found offputting.

But I hate the chilling effect Tumblr has had on meta, especially the culture there that adding comments to reblogs is inappropriate, so that everything is reduced to rambling tag meta which can be easily ignored. I suppose the solution is not to complain about Tumblr's deficiencies as a platform, but rather to work to make Dreamwidth the platform for discussion and meta, though.

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Thank you for bringing [community profile] create_my_comm to my attention! I had no idea it existed. [community profile] book_love seems very much like my thing, although like a lot of Dreamwidth comms it doesn't seem super active. But I spend enough time complaining about lack of discussion — it's high time I start actually doing something about that, and, you know, creating that discussion myself!

I wasn't super active in early Teen Wolf fandom, and I haven't watched it since the end of Season 3, and I certainly didn't care how other fans were responding to it, who their favourite characters were, or whether they liked Scott as a character. I did resent the implication that the only way to be a fan of the show was to focus intently on Stiles (and, to a lesser extent, Derek), and that a community that billed itself as a repository of all fannish meta (not fandom-, character- or ship-exclusive) seemed to be intentionally limiting itself to a single perspective when it came to meta of certain shows. As I say, I have some sympathy for the mods, who I think set themselves an overwhelming task in terms of monitoring and disseminating all meta produced on all platforms, but their blind spots and preferences were really obvious.

I'm on both Dreamwidth and Tumblr, but I use them for really different things, and find Dreamwidth suits me a lot better in terms of what I actually want to do online.
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I do do memes, but not as frequently as I used to (though I have a tag for them here, so you could always have a dig through there and see if anything takes your fancy?

I spent last weekend going through most of U2's back catalogue! I've loved them since I was 14 - a loooong time, in other words - and I don't think there'll be a time when I won't. Anyway, I did it because it's a long time since I listened to any of the albums in full, which includes the ones I'm already familiar with. It was a good few days well spent. (Also if you don't like them, which I'm aware some people don't, I apologise for the minor word vomit).
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You're totally welcome! :)

Yeah, eighties and nineties U2 are what I'm used to. Getting my head around the newer stuff was difficult(ish) but doable.

I don't quite understand why people dislike U2 either, because people talk about them as if they're universally bad when they've got some amazing songs.

Yes, this! Also I think some of it is, "It's popular, so it sucks!", which is an attitude I see from a lot of music critics (and also just some people). And people think Bono has a huge ego not exactly wrong, but it isn't completely true, either. (I don't know how true it is any more, but at one point he pretty much said it's mostly an act. But people expect him to behave like this, and so...*shrugs* Mind you, I swing between loving him and finding him really grating, which seems to be the effect he has on people, so maybe he just doesn't manage to win some people back, IDK?)

I've liked at least one song off every album bar the newest one (because I haven't heard it), so yeah, it's not like they're even making consistently bad music? I think people have just kept expecting something like The Joshua Tree all over again, and...nope. It ain't gonna happen.

(Sorry again, I could just blather about them for days).
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I wish little_details would make the move. They have a back-up comm here, and they're still active on LJ, but they never ported over their entries/comments and apparently have no intention of doing so until and unless LJ completely crashes.
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Also, whatwasthatbook. That's another still-active comm - I mean, the posts are mostly via google, but the comments are active. So why not have it here?
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those are both ones i searched out when i made the move to dw and i'd totally join revived/new ones!
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I'm going to contact the mod about it, again. I think it's well and truly time for the comm to move on. But given the way I was ignored last time, I doubt it'll make a difference. Maybe I ought to start a new one.
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I wish the Tron communities here on Dreamwidth were more active. But given that there hasn't been any new material for the fandom in a few years, I'm not surprised that they're kind of dead. :-\
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Yeah, I know there are some fans out there--I got a few comments on my big Tron fic when I finished it last year. It's just hard to find them all together, which is a shame. And the only movement we've gotten towards new material was a possibility of Tron 3 with Jared Leto (which 1. ew 2. No.).

I may have to take matters into my own hands and start a comm of my own or something... *shrug*
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Ooh, thank you for linking those promo communities! Will def be posting there. Thanks again. :D
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i am way up for pretty much any and all communities, lol. i've joined some dead ones in hopes that people will revive them. i would definitely like little_details and whatwasthatbook over here.
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yes! i really miss meta-- or even ontd_feminism, even though it was a mess sometimes.
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There's the Fandom Snowflake challenge - but that only runs once a year and a fairly steep goal (15 posts in 15 days, which usually doesn't suit me). I occasionally see memes floating around my reading page, but they definitely don't seem as popular as they used to! I think some people might feel they're cluttering up people's pages? (a very important issue on DW considering how quiet it can get at times :/)

I'd like more book related comms! I'm mostly into SFF so I'd like to dominate ^^

I finished City of Miracles a little while ago. It is a third book in the Divine Cities series, so plenty of time to read the first book - City of Stairs - before City of Miracles is released (I read an ARC). It is one of my favourite series all time, really interesting worldbuilding, plotty politics and fantastic characters.