chronikle: (double ☆ yeah later)
Kat ([personal profile] chronikle) wrote2014-04-16 12:26 pm

04. merr.

Went to bed at midnight because I was pretty sleepy. Didn't actually get to sleep until about ten to five in the morning... and I had to get up at half past nine because I had somewhere to be.

Hopefully I'll sleep tonight.

I had an email from my university yesterday saying that they hadn't received confirmation of my accommodation yet, even though we'd sent the stuff out on April 1st and it was apparently received April 3rd. Got in touch with them this morning and it turns out that they had received my confirmation, but the university had sent the automated reminder out to everyone.

At least it's sorted though? I'm supposed to be getting another email later today to finalize it or something.

I had some creative things I wanted to do today, but mostly I just want to take a nap.