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[community profile] colors_tcg CARD POST」

[community profile] colors_tcg, if you join, please refer [personal profile] chronikle

✩ colors card post ✩

My card post can now be located the above link. Please feel free to leave trade requests here!

collecting; ✩ only trading for these cards.
mass decks; ✩ only trading for these cards too! Kagerou Project and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya are my priorities right now, but I'm always looking for cards from any of my mass decks.
portfolio; ✩ only trading for these cards.
future (high priority); ✩ I'd prefer not to trade these cards out but I might be willing to for decks I'm collecting that I've almost completed.
future (medium priority); ✩ I'd like to keep these, but I would be willing to trade them for future or current deck cards--I'm also happy for you to offer these!
future (low priority); ✩ these are cards that I'd maybe like to collect, so I'm also willing to trade them if you need them! If I only have a few of these cards, please link me to your trade deck instead of offering them.
future (special); ✩ these are decks that I'd like to collect but they're not as high priority as character decks are! I'd probably be willing to trade for higher priority cards if you ask!
keeping; ✩ please don't offer me these cards in a trade, as most of them I'm keeping just because something about the individual card appeals to me. I'm probably willing to trade most of these for other cards, especially stuff that I'm collecting, so just ask!
trading; ✩ all of these cards are up for trade! If you don't have anything that it looks like I'm collecting, link me to your trade pile anyway and I'll pick something out. I'm quite happy to do random trades! I will also trade special cards for normal cards.

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