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Kat ([personal profile] chronikle) wrote2015-05-30 02:41 pm

018. [muffled charlie day yelling noises]

It's been, like, five months since I last updated, so here goes.

I've finished my first year of university! We haven't been given our final grades back yet, but I'm pretty sure I passed with a 2:1 (I would loved to have gotten a first but I think my practical projects have dragged the mark down a bit). I'm back in my hometown but I'm not home for the summer officially--I'm going back a week today for another week, just to pack everything up, and then I'm coming home the following Saturday.

It's kind of sad because I've made a really good group of friends and I'm not going to get to see them a lot again until September! I haven't really been able to see most of them much the past few weeks because either everyone's been working or, in the case of one of my friends, broke his knee. :| (He's fine, other than the broken knee. It is a pretty funny story, we went out to party and then spent all night in the A&E.)

I saw Foo Fighters on Monday, which was the third time I've seen them and I think the best. They played a 25 song setlist (originally 30, but they ran out of time, I think) over the course of two and a half hours, and it was awesome.

Other than that, not a huge amount to report. I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect 2, and Mad Max: Fury Road a couple of weeks ago and I enjoyed them all to varying degrees (although I have some issues with all of them), but Mad Max was my favourite by far. I've started watching Daredevil but I've been rewatching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia for the past couple of days (because it's easy watching), and I've been playing a lot of the Sims 2 and Super Smash Bros. 4 (3DS).

I also read my first book in a day in the longest time last Sunday! It was Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Ship? and I liked it right up until the part where Deckard wanted to bone Rachael, and then I was kind of like "gdi" and the rest of the book just made me kinda sad. I've got China Mieville's Railsea to read as well, but I haven't cracked into it yet.
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Congrats on completing your first year!