chronikle: (gokai ☆ good job kids)
Kat ([personal profile] chronikle) wrote2015-06-05 10:50 pm

022. shameless self-promotion

Hi everyone!

Amy and I reopened our writing forum, which may be of some interest to a few of you? We're called Pageturners and we're a pretty friendly bunch.

We're planning on hosting a Summerfest, as we've taken to calling it, throughout the month. We'll begin on June 12th and finish on July 10th. We've got a lot planned! Both my co-admin and myself wanted to get back into writing and found having a community helped, which is why we've reopened--if that sounds like something of use to you, we really hope you join! We used to be members (and staff, for a time) of an older forum that's since been shut down, but it was one of the most productive periods of our lives, and we'd love to make a similar place for others.

Semi-related, my creative (mostly writing, some mixes and icons) community is up at [community profile] arlandria, although there's not much posted at the moment.

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