chronikle: (bssm ☆ c'est la vie)
Kat ([personal profile] chronikle) wrote2015-06-11 06:40 pm

025. summer plans!

I'm moving out of my student accommodation on Saturday and I'm going home for the summer until September! It's a weird feeling knowing that my home for this year will no longer be mine, and that I'm never going to be in my friends' flats again after the summer. It will be nice being in our shared houses next year though.

I still haven't really packed my stuff up because I've been out with my friends the past three days, but I think I'm going to tackle some of it tonight.

My mom wants me to look for a part-time job over the summer and I think I'll try, but there's so little work going in my hometown that I doubt I'll be very successful. With that in mind, here's my tentative summer plans!

  • Finish a short story or get a bingo on one of my bingo cards.
  • Keep Pageturners running throughout the summer.
  • Finish playing Persona 3 Portable and Shadow Hearts, finish my replays of Final Fantasy VII and The World Ends With You, and see how far I can get into Fallout 3.
  • Keep playing my Sims 2 legacy family! I've been having fun with it so far, and I'd like to write a little story for it.
  • READ MORE! I need to finish Railsea (which I started last Thursday) and This Book Is Full Of Spiders, as well as start Rivers of London. I'd love to finally finish House of Leaves but I'm also feeling a reread of A Song Of Ice and Fire, seeing as I left off in the middle of A Feast For Crows and would love to finally read A Dance of Dragons.
  • Walk my friend's dog some more.