28 April 2014 @ 01:26 am
My head hurts.

I got my new bed on Friday! It is so incredibly comfortable. I forgot what it was like to sleep on a bed that doesn't creak when you move or dig you in the back or wasn't partially sunk in on itself.

I've also been playing Persona 4! )

In other news, I watched a bit more of Kamen Rider Wizard and I think I've finally found my interest in it. It took me about nine episodes and Haruto getting some backstory, but I am eager to keep watching until I get to Beast (who'll be around... episode 16, I imagine), which is when it's supposed to get really good, because Beast's a great character. Or so I've heard!

I also need to settle on what I want to do for my [community profile] trope_bingo card... the middle row (au: fusion, curtainfic, free space, au: mundane, au: supernatural) is pretty much my bingo row, I can fill those easily, but I have so much to choose from in terms of what fandoms to pick and what I can do that I don't know where to start.