04 May 2017 @ 07:06 pm
[community profile] 15kisses is a new transformative fanwork challenge community! The prompt sets are based off of the Zodiac signs! I'm so excited about it! >w<

The Price of Acceptance by Sarah Winifred Searle. Content warnings for: weight loss, eating disorders, fat shaming, and drug addiction. This was originally published by the Nib in February, but I only read it today when a friend retweeted it. I'm a fat girl and I've come to accept my body and my friends and family support me, but this still hit home in a lot of ways, particularly when I think of my younger self.

Best Anime 100 results revealed for NHK's Nippon Anime 100. These results were determined by an online poll that ran from January through to March, and it really shows in the rankings. I'm honestly surprised at how low Akira is on the list! (97?!) I'm not a big anime fan--I get intensely into a handful of series, but I tend to shy away from the 'big'/long-running ones--so I don't feel like I have any vested interest in the rankings. It's clearly based on popularity rather than quality.

Welcome to the Ballroom PV 4. I saw this yesterday and thought it was riding a little bit on Yuri!!! on Ice's coattails, which is fine, but what really took me back was the necks. I'm guessing it's a stylistic choice designed to emphasise the showy movements of ballroom dancing, but it looks uncomfortable.

I'm back at university and I was able to make some headway with my next assignment. My tutor helped me out a huge amount with my master's application by being able to signpost me towards the actual application, which is something that I've been struggling to find (the university website gives you the wrong directions!), and by talking through a couple of my research areas with me. I think I have a stronger idea of what I want to do, but I need to research it some more... once I've gotten the rest of these essays out of the way.
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