03 July 2015 @ 04:52 pm
We've been having a heatwave in the UK this week and it's way too hot for me. It's way too hot for everyone, but I retain body heat too well and I get incredibly hot and really irritable in the summer. I can't win no matter what the season.

I've been watching more Sense8! I'm enjoying it a lot and I think my favourites are Lito, Nomi and Sun, but I like everyone. I find Will and Wolfgang to be the least interesting (and I think Wolfgang is my least favourite), but I like everyone well enough in their own way. Hernando, Daniella and Amanita are probably my favourite secondary characters. It's really nice to see a genre tv show that isn't about gay characters specifically (in the way that Queer as Folk or the L Word would be) but includes gay characters. Like... I am a queer person who loves genre fiction and who never sees myself represented often in genre fiction. It's pretty awesome.

Favourite bits so far include Lito experiencing Sun's period and not understanding what's going on, the cluster singalong to 4 Non-Blondes' What's Up? (perhaps now more popularly known as the HEYAYAYAYA song), and the psychic orgy. I watched episodes five and six together, so it was a double whammy of getting memed on and then getting psychic orgy'd. It was amazing.

I caught up on Kamen Rider Drive on Wednesday and I've almost caught up on Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. I enjoy Drive despite its occasional problems (such as: why does no one tell Kiriko what's going on), and I like Ninninger but it's so disappointingly average at times. Like, I know sentai reds tend to follow a mold but Takaharu feels really flat as a main character, and it's a bit frustrating he gets the focus so much when Kasumi and Fuuka are a lot more interesting.

Hung out with Amy on Wednesday and we talked a bit about writing and roleplaying. I got overwhelmed with my admin duties re: Pageturners and I'm a little scared to go back on it at the moment (yay, anxiety!) and it's been too hot to find a suitable writing environment... we were both bemoaning how we miss casual, relaxed roleplaying though. We both prefer the play-by-post forum format, but so many RP forums are just... not what we're looking for. She had a good idea though that I need to help her set up a little, so we'll see what comes of that.

I've heard the news about Fire Emblem: Fates as well, and I'm honestly less enthusiastic about this game the more I hear about it. I've heard defensive fans get really aggressive about defending the game and decrying a lot of the problematic stuff as just being optional, which is true, but it's still in the game and I still don't really want to play a game whose optional features (that net you bonuses in various ways) are really close to trashy eroge. Like, if I wanted to play that kinda game, I'd just download one. :|
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