I said I wasn't going to post this entry until later but I have coding to do and I'm procrastinating starting that.

Orange is the New Black is a Netflix original series based on Piper Kerman's memoir, Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison, and, as you might have guessed, focuses on the lives of a group of women in prison. It's a comedy-drama and, while it's not perfect, it's a television series that focuses on women, on gay and bisexual women (although the word "bisexual" isn't mentioned, I think), on women of colour (particularly black and latina women), on trans women! If you've seen OITNB, you'll know this already. If you don't and you want to watch it, I advise watching it before you read this entry, because there are spoilers for season one and season two.

Here be spoilers. )